Is this worth buying and justify the cost of Cricut machine? 

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The Cricut Machine is a powerful crafting tool for crafters! And today, we are answering the question: how much is the cost of Cricut machines and will we use it enough to justify the cost?

Types of Cricut machine

Currently, three types of Cricut machines are on the market: Cricut Explore 3, Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Joy.

Cricut Joy. This machine is the newest and smallest Cricut cutter. It’s simple, compact and perfect for quick projects. It can cut materials up to 20 feet (!) in length and up to 5.5 inches in width. Perfect for hobbyists or crafters working in a small space.

Cricut Explore 3. This one is a mid-range product line. It can cut about 100 different materials, up to 12″ wide and 2 feet long. You can use it for cutting, writing and grading.

Manufacturer Cricut. For advanced producers who want to create professional-level works! Cricut Maker can cut about 300 different materials, including leather, wood, fabric, thin paper, and more. It can do everything the Explore Air can do, along with debugging and etching. Besides, the new version of Cricut Maker 3 is also upgraded and updated with many new features

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How much is a Cricut machine?

These three machines are clearly priced differently, serving very different purposes! Here is the cost breakdown:

Cricut Joy simple + compact $179.99

Most Popular Cricut Explore Air 3 $249.99

Professional Level Cricut Maker 3  $399.99


Something to note! Cricut often has excellent promotions on discounts or free accessories when you buy a machine. For example, at the time of writing, Explore Air is $229, and Maker is $349.

You should regularly monitor the sales website to catch any possible deals.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you buy the machine, it comes with a cutting mat (at least 1), a pen, a blade with a case, and some materials to test out so you can get started right away.

svg ocean designs , svg , png , cricut

How long do they last?

Cricut machines are built to last. The Cricut team is in tune with the manufacturers and the fact that they listen very well to the opinions of their customers. From there, upgrade and improve the product better.

An example is the Explore Air 2, which has been extensively upgraded from its predecessor, Cricut Explore 1. The later machine added a Bluetooth wireless connection to the computer. This technique is a feature that brings many benefits when you are no longer tied to the connection wire.

The machine can work for over five years if you regularly care for and maintain it. Note that you should periodically change the carpet and blade for the device’s performance. Usually, knives and mats are changed every 3 – 6 months.

Cricut project types can save you money.

To start discovering if you’re using a Cricut machine enough to justify the cost, imagine instances where you might use the device. Here are a few beginning thoughts.

Birthday or celebration outfit: Create fun t-shirts for birthdays, vacations, showers, or parties (instead of buying them elsewhere).

Theme park costumes: Create T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, backpacks, and more for a trip to your favourite amusement park.

Class project: Help your child’s teacher arrange classroom decorations or art projects for students.

School supplies: Label your child’s clothes, backpacks, and gear. Plus, create fun new designs on resume covers, pencil cases, water bottles, and more.

Organized at home: Make labels for everything! We used Cricut to organize our spice cabinets, file folders, photo albums, and more. Also, use it to create unique home decor.

Holiday decoration: Create signs, wreaths, artwork, and other custom designs for your favourite holidays.


Frequent questions about the Cricut machine

Is it easy to use a Cricut?

Getting started in the vast world of Cricut crafting can be overwhelming. With some guidance, it will be easy to start using your Cricut machine to create beautiful paper and vinyl projects.

What supplies do you need to get started with Cricut?

When you buy a Cricut, it comes with many of the things you need to get started. Inside the box, you’ll find a blade, mat, pen, and material samples for your first project. You will also receive a charging cord and USB cable, if compatible.

Then you’ll want to buy a few more supplies to keep creating. If you like paper projects, buy beautiful scrapbook paper, cardstock, and parchment. If you like doing vinyl projects, you’ll want some sticky vinyl on iron and transfer tape.

Can you make money with Cricut?

Yes. Many people use their Cricut cutters to make t-shirts, mugs, vinyl decals, and other crafts they sell online or at craft fairs.

Is the Cricut machine worth it?

If you like crafting with paper and vinyl, you’ll love using your Cricut. How quickly and gently the Cricut machine can cut even the most complex designs.


For those who need to open a small online shop selling handicrafts, it is certainly not possible to ignore the use and benefits of Cricut machines. They can cut with precision and fine detail. Make your manual work simpler. Indeed, this one is worth the cost of a Cricut machine

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